Color Anodizing

The natural beauty of aluminum is stunning. And you may be aware that Lorin Industries offers many products that give anodized aluminum the look of other metals like copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel. But you may not realize how many outstanding color options are available, giving you a literally unlimited palette of choices to add drama and uniqueness to your project, from its exterior surfaces to a multitude of products within it.

The anodic film is specially treated creating billions of microscopic pores that imbed coloring agents within the aluminum itself creating incredibly rich and vibrant colors.  As a result, Lorin’s coloring process allows the ‘natural beauty of the aluminum’ to shine through rather than covering it up like painted metals.

Like all Lorin coil-anodized products, color anodizing offer long-term advantages like durability, low maintenance, and a finish that will never chip, flake, or peel – because it can’t.

Custom Color Matching 

“Unlimited” color options mean just that. You don’t have to choose from our colors; we’ll match yours! Lorin’s unique color anodizing capability means that we can create a unique color for your project, or one that matches or accents other colors or finishes in the building to provide exactly the look you desire.

Take the New Orleans Saints, for example. They’re rightfully pretty particular about their unique gold. So when it came time to reclad the Louisiana Superdome exterior, they came to Lorin Industries. Coca Cola®Red’, Victoria’s Secret®Pink’ and Ford®Blue’ are only a few of many color matching solutions. So we can certainly deliver on your game plan.


Multiple applications where color accuracy is very important to the designer.

Finishes available

Lorin offers a variety of colored anodized finishes, including mill finish, brushed, bright, perforated, and other specialty finishes. Some products available in sheet.

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