Food service

In the foodservice industry, everything matters. Whether you are equipping the kitchen of an institutional cafeteria, or the finest five-star restaurant, the kitchen plays an important role in your image and your productivity. Sleek, clean good looks provide confidence in a high standard of quality and cleanliness. And at the same time, surfaces that are easy to maintain and retain their good looks for years help ensure your daily efficiency. For both those important concerns, there is no better way to address them than with coil-anodized aluminum from Lorin.

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Our Clear Anodized products meet NSF/ANSI 51 Standards for direct food contact, while colored anodized products meet NSF/ANSI Splash Zone 1 Standards for indirect food contact. Anodized aluminum is naturally fingerprint resistant, is approximately one-third the weight of other metals including stainless steel, brass, and copper, and offers infinite possibilities in aluminum anodized finishes in clear or colors.

This, combined with a completely sealed product and easy clean‐up, make them an excellent choice for everything from the appliances you depend upon to the work surfaces used to prepare every meal.

Here are just a few of the many foodservice applications for which Lorin Coil-Anodized Aluminum offers great advantages. Some products available in sheet.

Check out some of Lorin’s finish options ideal for foodservice applications.

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