If you’ll excuse the wordplay – the ceilings in your new or renovated building project represent more than overhead. With anodized aluminum from Lorin Industries, interior ceilings can be a dramatic addition to the overall impact of the structure. The choices are endless, with variations that appear to be stainless steel, brass, copper, gold, or other metals. Other available finishes include a choice of colors (standard and custom) and textures to make the ceiling an appealing part of your building’s interior.

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Ceilings made from Lorin anodized aluminum can actually reduce overhead considerably, too. Since the material itself is one-third the weight of other metals, you get more metal for your money to start with, and save on inventory and shipping costs along the way. Plus, once in place, ceilings of anodized aluminum won’t chip, flake, or peel like paint. Besides - Why would you want to cover up the metallic beauty of the aluminum by covering it up with paint?

Here are some of the ceilings and related applications for which Lorin anodized aluminum is an excellent option. 

Check out some Lorin products that are especially appropriate and popular choices for ceiling applications.

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