In choosing material for louver and reflector-style lighting systems, it’s only appropriate to make an enlightened decision. Coil-anodized aluminum from Lorin Industries is that decision – because it performs beautifully in those applications and for solar concentrator panels as well - both on the job, and on the bottom line. 

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In many lighting projects, specular anodized aluminum is compared with physical vapor deposition (PVD) products, since the “total reflectance” of those products is slightly higher. But in looking at the amount of light generated – a more relevant measure - the difference is almost indistinguishable. And the difference in cost is not. Anodized aluminum represents a significant cost savings for virtually the same lighting performance.

In addition, a Lorin coil-anodized lighting sheet will not delaminate, chip, flake, peel, or yellow with continued exposure. It also resists heat, humidity, and corrosion, and will not release toxic fumes like coated materials. In addition, the static free surface will not attract dust and also offers simple maintenance.

Here are just a few of the many lighting applications for which Lorin Coil-Anodized Aluminum offers great advantages. 

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