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While wall panels are a dramatic example of the impact anodized aluminum from Lorin can have on a building’s interior, the real list of appropriate applications is almost endless. It provides an ideal material for many different uses inside offices, manufacturing facilities, and retail businesses, for both its beauty, and functional benefits.

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Desks and other items in an office building lobby offer a striking image to customers and other visitors when the natural beauty of anodized aluminum draws their attention. It is also a popular material for high-tech environments. The durability and easy maintenance of anodized aluminum also makes it perfect for surfaces that must maintain their good looks while enduring plenty of use. Examples include the swinging doors and backsplashes in busy kitchens, and interior furnishings in facilities that encounter heavy traffic like entertainment centers, movie theatres and more. 

Lorin anodized aluminum is an excellent choice for a broad range of other interior architectural applications, including:  

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