The look of brass; the advantages of anodized.

Many designers admire the deep color and textures of brass, and it’s an alloy that offers many other appealing properties. But those same aesthetic looks can be obtained through anodized aluminum from Lorin Industries without the potentially problematic aspects of using brass. Anodized aluminum in one of Lorin’s brass finishes provides these additional benefits:

  • Reduced weight (60% less than brass). That means more metal for your money, and lower inventory and freight costs.
  • Increased production efficiency. Larger coil sizes, faster fabrication, and material that arrives clean and ready to use.
  • Long lasting good looks. Surface is harder, more durable than brass, and will not tarnish. Cleans up with mild soap and water.


The many different brass finishes available in anodized aluminum from Lorin make it ideal for a broad range of applications, including: 

Exterior Architectural Panels, Door Hardware, Ceiling Panels, Column Covers, Elevator Panels, Push Plates and Kick Plates, and more

Interior Automotive Trim, Horse and Cargo Trailer Trim, Recreational Vehicles, and more

Infrared Heaters, Microwave Ovens, Drip Coffee Makers, and more 

Specialty Markets
Furniture - Home Office Desks and Storage, File Cabinets, Office Systems, and more

Electronics – Desktop and Laptop Computers, Cell Phones, Electronic Equipment Faceplates, and more

Signage – Directional Signs, Raised Letters, Sign Casings, and more

Many others …

Finishes available

Brass Anodized Portfolio – Exterior and Interior Applications

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