Metal Finishes

How do you make the great look of metal even more attractive?  With a metal alternative that makes an equally striking impression on your bottom line: anodized aluminum from Lorin Industries.

Why Anodized Aluminum? The beauty is obvious  - the natural beauty of the surface isn’t hidden, but allowed to burst through in an artist’s palette of finish options - bright or matte, clear or colored, and with a desirable look of stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, zinc, muntz, and other metals (without the drawbacks of those metals). But beauty is only the beginning.

The great looks of stainless, copper, bronze, zinc, and brass – with the benefits of anodized.

 Anodized aluminum is...

A wide and diverse range of industries have begun taking a closer look at anodized aluminum when they make material decisions. Architects are incorporating anodized aluminum throughout their projects, from unique and dramatic exterior finishes to multiple inside uses. The automotive industry and other transportation manufacturers are choosing it for major components. It is also frequently being selected for foodservice, appliance, and many other applications.