As energy costs continue to climb, the commitment to alternative energy sources grows stronger. Anodized aluminum is a material perfectly positioned to play a key role in this transition. In solar energy, for example, anodized aluminum from Lorin Industries has proven to be an ideal material for concentrating and collecting energy from the sun.  Anodized aluminum is so versatile that it can also absorb heat to warm our homes and take the chill out of our swimming pools.

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The corrosion resistance of anodized aluminum makes it an ideal material for framing solar cell panels. It also offers the strength and rigidity to hold the panels firmly, but its lighter weight enables the panels to be deployed on the roofs of homes and business structures with minimal risk to the roof or supporting structures.

One thing is clear: anodized aluminum is making solar energy a more cost efficient alternative.

Here are some of the applications in solar and other alternative energy technologies for which Lorin anodized aluminum is an excellent option:

Check out some Lorin products that are appropriate for solar applications. Some products available in sheet.