Speed and Precision Define Lorin’s Coil Slitting, Corrective Leveling, and Custom Packaging Services

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin industries offers a range of premier metal services at its Coil Service Center to meet customer needs. To provide comprehensive services, Lorin’s expert staff employs cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest quality products and incredibly efficient turnaround times. Ultimately, these custom services work in concert to ensure that Lorin’s premium products are tailored to fit the exact requirements of the customer — and that the products are specially packaged, ensuring the coil anodized aluminum performs optimally when it reaches its final destination.

One of the specialized services that Lorin offers for a variety of industries is just-in-time precision coil slitting. With this service, Lorin offers custom coil sizes with precision cuts that are executed at high speed. Slit widths can range from 0.75”/19 mm to 56”/1422 mm, and Lorin can perform up to 34 slits per coil. Whatever the customer requires in terms of product specifications, Lorin can cut to width and slit coils to meet the need. 

Lorin’s just-in-time corrective leveling service offers turnaround at breakneck speeds, minimizing warps, bends, and twists in metal with the art of corrective leveling. These techniques do not damage the surface layer of the material including the anodic layer of anodized aluminum, which maintains the peak performance and aesthetic appeal of the coil anodized aluminum. This ensures the metal is leveled so that its shape can perfectly serve its final application. 

Based on Lorin’s extensive experience in handling anodized aluminum, you can be sure that when asked to slit or shear aluminum or steel, whether painted or raw, you can expect only the best results from Lorin.

To enable the products to be delivered in premium condition, Lorin’s expert packaging is designed so that the materials are secured to prevent movement to arrive damage free and worry free for you. Lorin’s Coil Service Center can produce customized metal packaging solutions to create tailor-made packaging for its customers. Lorin offers a comprehensive range of options designed by packaging experts, from custom crates to skids and shrink wrap. International shipments and specialized packaging for domestic shipments are both available. When customers choose sheet stock skids, the entire package becomes protected, and when a more custom solution is needed, Lorin builds made-to-order crating to protect its products. 

Efficiency and precision define the premier services that Lorin undertakes at its Coil Service Center. The center’s expert staff is driven by a desire to serve customers with high quality coil anodized aluminum that arrives exactly as requested, and just in time.