The New Garage Doors Crafted with Anodized Aluminum from Lorin

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin offers anodized aluminum for use in the manufacturing of garage door panels for the residential garage door industry. This material is a leading choice among engineers, designers, and manufacturers globally due to the performance, formability, beauty, and considerable durability of Lorin’s anodized aluminum.

The residential garage door, which averages over 100 square feet of forward-facing flat panel, is one of the first architectural features that individuals see when they approach a home. This is why the garage door plays a crucial role in defining the aesthetic appeal of a home. When choosing garage door materials to offer their customers, manufacturers are faced with important choices that will shape the appearance of the home — should they choose anodized aluminum, wood, fiberglass, or painted metal.

Wood rots, fiberglass cracks, painted metal chips, peels, flakes, has high upkeep, and starts to fade as soon as it’s applied. Anodized aluminum, by contrast, maintains its consistency of color for decades, and does not chip, flake, peel, patina, rust, or chalk. In addition to its durability, anodized aluminum also achieves a deep rich color, that reflects and absorbs light in a capacity that paint cannot match.

Lorin offers anodized aluminum in four distinct colors that empower manufacturers to make a new and bold statement. Black is the new look for garage doors, and Lorin’s ColorIn® BlackMatt option offers a rich, consistent black matte finish with a unique degree of depth and striking reflective properties that won’t fade. ColorIn® Dark Bronze, a dark bronze, consistent matte finish that simulates the appearance of bronze, is distinguished by the lightness of anodized aluminum. Lorin’s Medium Antique Copper option matches the appearance of antique copper, but, unlike copper, does not oxidize or patina. With ClearMatt®, Lorin also offers a matte aluminum that showcases the beauty of natural metal with the unique finish that can only be achieved with anodized aluminum.

In addition to being customizable and consistent, Lorin’s anodized aluminum is also entirely recyclable. This means that the material is not only superior aesthetically, but also environmentally friendly.