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In the shipping and commuter transportation industry, weight and capacity are the critical factors. Carrying more cargo efficiently is the formula for success. Rising fuel costs and environmental concerns aren’t far behind. That’s why aluminum is playing a more important role than ever. As older rail cars reach the end of their useful lives, they are increasingly replaced with all or nearly all aluminum versions that weigh up to two-thirds less, actually increasing the capacity for “paying” cargo ranging from ore and other commodities to auto transport. More than 100,000 aluminum freight cars are in service, and more than 25% of new rail cars are made of all or primarily aluminum construction. For commuter applications, the statistics are even higher!

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Coil-anodized aluminum for Lorin Industries is a valuable solution for freight, commuter and high-speed passenger rail car applications. From lightweight internal components to sleek, attractive sidewall panels that reduce wind resistance and last almost indefinitely without corrosion, chipping, flaking, or peeling, aluminum is increasingly the way to go - and the way to take more with you when you do!

Here are just a few of the many rail car applications for which Lorin Coil-Anodized Aluminum offers great advantages. 

Check out some of Lorin’s finish options ideal for rail car applications. 

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Structural Product Solutions: