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COPPER PENNY Architectural Class II

Copper Penny (Patent No 8580101) Architectural Class II is a finish developed for exterior applications where UV fade resistance is critical to the designer. The combination of an Architectural Class II film thickness with the inorganic coloring chemistry provides excellent corrosion resistance and maintains color consistency under harsh weathering conditions.

Copper Penny anodized finish is created using a highly advanced chemical treatment technology that produces a finish simulating real copper, without the exorbitant price tag. The technology provides the designer with a copper appearance that will not patina like real copper, it will not scratch as easily as copper, and it offers excellent corrosion protection along with superior fade resistance. Typical applications include but are not limited to the designer’s imagination, wall cladding, composite panels, standing seam roof systems, store fronts, and many more. 

Copper penny finish is in demand with today’s architects, designers, and specifiers.  It provides your architectural project with a maintenance-free metallic look that is rich and warm.  Architects appreciate the benefits of anodized aluminum as it will not chip, flake, chalk, or peel all while providing superior abrasion resistance.

Patented color process - Copper Penny is 100% recyclable and is created using reclaimed industrial scrap making it a smart, environmentally responsible material decision.  If you or your customers are concerned about the environment, Lorin’s Copper Penny finish can set you apart from your competition. 

Architectural Class II film - Copper Penny is an advanced chemical treatment that resists the breakdown of color under UV exposure and will not fade ensuring that your finished product looks beautiful for a lifetime. 

Ease of use - Copper Penny is light weight, easy to handle, resists scratching. The durable, low-maintenance anodized finish cleans up easily with simple soap and water. 

Corrosion Resistance - Copper Penny has excellent corrosion protection and will not patina like natural copper, rust like steel, or weather like brass

Copper Penny Product Specifications 



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