Custom Color Matching

Lorin Industries can produce the most dramatic gold and silver finishes through its coil anodizing process. But you probably expected that. The truth is, there are almost infinite possibilities in color and finish that expands the range of applications and palette of looks available. You don’t have to limit your design imagination to take advantage of the technical benefits of anodized aluminum!

Consider the Possibilities.

Silver and gold finishes are what most people think of first when considering aluminum. And Lorin Industries delivers those finishes in the most beautiful variations available, whether bright, matte, clear, brush stroked and more. But today, those are only the beginning.

Anodized aluminum can accurately present the same classic appearances of other popular metals, including copperbrassbronze and stainless steel, without the weight, expense, and other disadvantages of those materials themselves. And Lorin Industries goes even beyond that, with its ability to develop a proverbial rainbow of custom colors, either to match a desired shade or create a new one.

An Advanced Process

The coloring of anodized aluminum can be achieved using several processing techniques within the anodizing process, using organic and inorganic dyes or metal salts deposited electrochemically in the pores of the anodic coating.   The specific method used is determined by the customer’s desired end color and application.

Regardless of the method of colorizing, the benefit (beyond the good looks that result) is that the finished color is not an after-the-fact application that can chip, flake, or peel, it is an integral part of the metal itself. With anodized aluminum, the great look you envisioned in the first place really will last!