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Tips for Maintaining Nimble Business Practices in Materials Manufacturing During Market Shifts

By Park Kersman, President, Lorin Industries, Inc. Lorin Industries is a leading manufacturer of high-end anodized aluminum materials for the architectural, automotive, and consumer goods markets, selling to other OEMs that manufacture or install products for end users. So how did Lorin begin manufacturing hand sanitizer stands from our proprietary anodized aluminum and selling them […]

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Lorin Product Line Specs Now Available on BSD SpecLink

By Phil Pearce, Lorin Industries, Inc. Lorin is pleased to announce that CSI formatted specifications for all its standard products are now available on BSD SpecLink. BSD SpecLink software is a spec writing software used by leading architectural firms and large contractors. The software allows users to write, synchronize, and collaborate on specs efficiently through […]

Lorin clearmatt anodized aluminum

Lorin Develops Sleek Anodized Aluminum Universal Floor and Counter Stands for Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

By Park Kersman, Lorin Industries, Inc. Lorin Industries, Inc. just released a series of new universal sleek and modern counter and floor stands for hand sanitizer dispensers made with our signature anodized aluminum. As businesses look to reopen after COVID-19 related lockdowns, these hand sanitizer stands are proving essential as a way to store and […]

Lorin weathered aluminum

Weathered Materials Surge in Popularity

By Steven Soderberg, Corporate Marketing Manager, Lorin Industries, Inc. More and more recently, architects, interior designers, and homeowners have been seeking out weathered material for incorporation into interior and exterior building design. These weathered materials – rusted iron, patinaed copper, and aged ‘barn’ wood, for example – can add beautiful, unique details to home and […]

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Lorin Perforated Anodized Aluminum Makes a Statement on Unique Projects

By Phil Pearce, Lorin Industries, Inc. Lorin’s updated coil anodized aluminum for perforated aluminum products in architectural and construction applications now contains new hole patterns, including a square pattern. Offered in a variety of colors and finishes, anodized aluminum gives projects unique flair. Perforated anodized aluminum delivers functionality, superior durability, and excellent aesthetics. The cost-effective […]

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Anodized Stainless Collection Awarded Top 101 Building Product for 2019

Building Design+Construction readers and editors select their top building products in the fourth-annual 101 Top Products report By Phil Pearce, Lorin Industries, Inc. Lorin is proud to announce that its Anodized Stainless Collection was featured as a top building product in Building Design+Construction Magazine’s fourth-annual 101 Top Products report. The December issue featured Lorin’s Anodized Stainless […]

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A Letter to Our Valued Customers About COVID-19

March 31, 2020 Dear Valued Customers, The COVID-19 virus is presenting challenges to everyone. During these difficult and unprecedented times, we salute those who are on the front lines trying to keep us safe. We also want to acknowledge the industries and companies that are considered essential and appreciate their commitment to stay operational. A […]

Lorin AlumaPlus Anodized Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum Surfaces Can Help Minimize Surface Pathogen Collection

By Ed Dahlquist, Lorin Industries, Inc. During this health emergency, material engineers have been actively discussing materials that can help to prevent the ability of bacteria and germs to cling to surfaces. Some interesting studies have come to light – which we think can be useful to those planning projects and investigating what type of […]

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Lorin Anodized Copper Collection Promotes “Reflect Your Vision” Philosophy

Among the other anodized aluminum options, Lorin now offers the updated Anodized Copper Collection, ideal for exterior and interior architectural finishes. The Lorin sales team focuses on helping architects and designers select the products that will “Reflect Your Vision” by providing a beautiful and elegant copper look. Shipped ready to form and punch, Lorin’s Anodized […]