Lorin ClearMatt® Featured on a Multitude of Iconic Buildings. Why? Because it Offers High Performance and Aesthetics

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

ClearMatt® is ideal for architectural projects for a range of architectural and construction applications, including in the use of exterior paneling for facades as well as cool roofs. For these reasons, ClearMatt® anodized aluminum is featured on a multitude of iconic buildings.

Lorin ClearMatt® aesthetically offers a beautiful metallic look that only comes from the three-dimensional look of anodized aluminum. ClearMatt® Architectural Class I finish meets the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standard for high performance anodic finishes. Designers looking for an anodized aluminum product with natural metallic beauty that is formable for most exterior applications will find a clear choice in Lorin's ClearMatt®.

Lorin ClearMatt® can be found on a multitude of iconic buildings throughout the U.S., such as the US Olympic Paralympic Museum (USOPM) in Colorado Springs, CO and the Taystee Lab Building in the Manhattanville Factory District on 125th St. in NYC. There are obviously many more buildings that utilize Lorin ClearMatt® anodized aluminum, too numerous to mention, but this just goes to show that ClearMatt® is a proven product, and the architectural world loves it.  ClearMatt® also is available in perforated patterns which can be used on facades of parking garages where ventilation is a must, but some form of privacy and protection from the elements is still warranted.

Lorin ClearMatt® can be used not only for facades, but also roofs and is an excellent product application if you are trying to achieve that “cool roof”, meaning the material can be used in LEED designs that require roofs to remain relatively cool in warm temperature conditions. When used as part of cool roof design, ClearMatt® decreases roof temperatures, which can extend the service life of the roof, and reduces energy costs by decreasing A/C requirements. Cool roofs also benefit the environment by reducing the urban heat island effect (ambient air temperature), lowering peak electrical demand, reducing ground level ozone, and reducing power plant emissions brought on by the reduction of cooling energy use in buildings. ClearMatt® anodized aluminum works because its translucent protective layer allows the metal's natural reflectivity to shine through while offering outstanding corrosion protection.