Lorin Dispels Coil Anodized Aluminum Myths in New Video

Coil anodized aluminum outclasses painted aluminum in look and cost-effectiveness

Lorin Industries, Inc., the global industry leader in the innovation and production of coil anodized aluminum, releases a new video resource for architects, product designers, and engineers highlighting the superior physical characteristics and cost efficiency of coil anodized aluminum versus painted aluminum. “Lorin Industries, Inc. Anodizing vs. Paint - Complete Compilation” busts nine myths about coil anodizing and is available now on Lorin Industries’ YouTube Channel.

The video provides information on the process of coil anodizing and the qualities of coil anodized aluminum—including durability and color consistency. Viewers may be surprised to learn of the low lifetime cost of coil anodized products and the material’s exceptional performance in coastal conditions. Viewers will also discover just how small the environmental footprint is of coil anodized aluminum production and use.

Coil anodizing is not like a layer of paint; instead, it is an electrochemical process that grows the aluminum oxide layer from the base aluminum, bonding it to the aluminum at the molecular level. Highly durable aluminum oxide is in the same family of gemstones like sapphire, second only to diamond in hardness. Therefore, unlike painted or coated products, Lorin Anodized Aluminum will not chip, flake or peel.

Viewers will also learn about Lorin’s excellent warranties and certifications. Lorin coil anodized aluminum is backed by a minimum 20 Year Surface Warranty, can be recycled and meets ROHS and NSF standards.

In a new blog series, we will address these nine common myths in depth:

  • Anodized aluminum is a coating;
  • Anodized aluminum does not last as long and is not as durable as coatings like paint;
  • Anodized aluminum cannot be used near the coast;
  • Anodized aluminum does not have a strong warranty;
  • Color consistency cannot be achieved with anodized aluminum;
  • Anodized aluminum only comes in bronze and clear for exterior finishes;
  • Formed parts must be batch anodized, or painted otherwise there will be unacceptable crazing on the parts;
  • Anodized aluminum is very expensive; and
  • Anodized aluminum is not environmentally responsible.

Check back to this blog soon for more information on the benefits of coil anodized aluminum!

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