Lorin Highlights Anodized Aluminum for Dog Tags

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.  

Lorin offers color variety, durability, and enhanced performance with its coil anodized aluminum for dog tags.

The beauty of anodized aluminum extends beyond the natural beauty of the aluminum alloy itself. Thus you can move beyond expectations with gorgeous colors of not only the metal of your choice, but also any particular color in the rainbow that you may like. With zero drawbacks of other metals, and all of the benefits, performance, and durability of anodized aluminum, let the color do its magic. 

Color anodizing by Lorin can be done for a variety of applications, take for instance Lorin’s customer application for dog tag solutions. Lorin can provide a different color per order and or it can be a variety of colors and shades, whether it’s a Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, you name it. We leave it up to the individual customer to choose their color. Lorin will match a color for whatever occasion or product. So dream beyond the ordinary with anodized color finishes; color is our expertise and it makes the look of Lorin.

Lorin’s coil anodizing process  builds an anodic layer from the aluminum, bonding it to the surface at the molecular level, thus protecting the aluminum from the elements. The anodized aluminum will not chip, flake, peel, or corrode and also resists scratching. All of these benefits make the material ideal for your favorite canine.