Lorin Highlight’s AnoZinc® Collection for Exterior Architectural Applications

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin highlights it’s AnoZinc® collection for architectural applications. AnoZinc® is available in two finishes, AnoZinc® I and AnoZinc® II, both with Arconic Tectur-AI™. The two finishes feature Architectural Class I & II anodic film thickness respectively.

AnoZinc® was developed by Lorin Industries and designed specifically for exterior applications in which fade resistance is very important to the designer.  The natural variegated surface makes this product very unique for aluminum, yet quite similar to the surface finish of natural zinc without the high cost. This surface color variability makes it very appealing to designers wanting a unique finish that differentiates them from the norm.  What makes these products even more appealing, as compared to natural zinc and in addition to lower cost, is that it will not patina when exposed to the environment, it weighs approximately 60% less,  and is more forgiving during fabrication

Lorin’s AnoZinc® anodized aluminum products offer the weathered look that is so popular, but have the same remarkable durability and strength that sets Lorin metals apart. What’s more, their color and patina will never fade or change, regardless of exposure, thanks to Lorin’s innovative and proprietary anodizing technology. Unlike weathered materials, these products are UV-stable, fade resistant, and protected against corrosion. As such, these products are suited well to rustic or modern designs, combined with stonework and wood or glass and other metals.