Video Highlights Lorin’s Success Inspiring Customers Through Innovation

Lorin’s video highlights the company’s continued success through innovation, processes, service and quality. The “Reflect Your Vision: Corporate Video”, available on Lorin’s YouTube Channel, pays tribute to the outstanding employees whose dedication and commitment helped shape where the company is today. Decade after decade, Lorin has supported and challenged its employees to maintain their commitment to create innovative and beautiful coil anodized aluminum products that inspire customers to achieve their own unique, creative vision.

The inspirational video begins by explaining Lorin’s history. After starting the company ten years earlier as a plating company in 1943, Founder Herb Kersman realized a demand for coil anodized aluminum and pioneered the manufacturing process. Fast forward to today, Lorin – which is led by Herb’s grandson, President Park Kersman -- is routinely developing new products and services. To make all of this happen, Lorin relies on its employees to bring customers’ visions to life and maintain the success the company has established for more than 75 years.

“Park is the third-generation owner and he has really continued the legacy of his father and grandfather in terms of caring about the employees,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing Phil Pearce in the video. “When you have someone at the top who cares that much about the employees, it’s pretty easy for them to care back.”

As the video weaves through the inspirational facets of Lorin Industries, viewers quickly learn the company is centered around one guiding principle: innovation. The processes at Lorin, while scientific, focus on creativity. Lorin and its employees are consistently looking for unique ways to bring new products to market and provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their clients. Examples of high-profile products and architectural projects are highlighted in the video. To make all of this happen, Lorin relies on its employees to inspire customers’ visions with products that help bring those visions to life and maintain the success the company has established for more than 75 years.

Lorin continually works hard to develop a culture that helps instill a sense of pride in employees who create anodized aluminum products that help product and project designers create their signature look. Because of these truly personalized experiences, Lorin is thrilled to see many of its customers return year after year, decade after decade.

“The machines are just machines, but the people at Lorin and the culture that we have here is the driving force behind the success, through innovation and quality and the service that we’re able to provide to our customers,” says President Kersman. “We feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of opportunities for Lorin anodized aluminum in the marketplace, which is why we continue to focus on innovation, of not only our products, but our processes, our service and our quality.”

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