Anodized Stainless Collection Awarded Top 101 Building Product for 2019

Building Design+Construction readers and editors select their top building products in the fourth-annual 101 Top Products report

By Phil Pearce, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin is proud to announce that its Anodized Stainless Collection was featured as a top building product in Building Design+Construction Magazine’s fourth-annual 101 Top Products report. The December issue featured Lorin’s Anodized Stainless Collection in its list of products in which Magazine readers and editors have expressed the most interest over the past 12 months. The products were selected based on the number of reader service inquiries.

Lorin’s Anodized Stainless Collection is ideal for applications across a wide variety of products and industries. As a third-generation family-owned business, Lorin’s collaboration with architects, designers, and fabricators has led to global leadership in supplying aluminum finishing solutions to the worldwide building and construction market.

The Anodized Stainless Collection naturally looks good in all types of unique applications. It meets Class I and Class II designations for both interior and exterior architectural applications. The Anodized Stainless Collection products can be used for exterior façade panels, exterior wall cladding, column covers, and decorative trim. Indoors, it can be used as aesthetic trim on electronics. And in the kitchen, it can be featured as trim on kitchen appliances, or as a back splash to accent the overall kitchen look.

The products in this collection come in a variety of finishes including mill finish stainless anodized aluminum, short line brushed and long line brushed, stainless bright in short or long line brushed finish, ClearBrite ® and AlumaPlus ®.

Due to the anodizing process, Lorin finishes will not wear away as they would with an applied coating like paint. Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that builds up the anodic layer from the aluminum, bonding it to the aluminum surface at the molecular level. This durable finish protects the aluminum from the elements, so Lorin’s Anodized Stainless Collection finishes will require little maintenance.

The Anodized Stainless Collection is 100 percent recyclable which makes it an environmentally smart and responsible material decision for your project. In addition, Lorin products are 100 percent made in the USA.