Arc Latin America 2018 – Latin America’s Leading Architects Forum

"Arc Latin America is a unique forum for decision-making Principal Architects from the region’s leading firms to meet with international product suppliers,” write the show’s organizers, and from Lorin’s experience at the show, we completely agree. Rather than a traditional tradeshow or seminar format, Arc Latin America 2018, this year in Panama City, Panama, consisted of a series of 30-minute meetings, where architects and experts from Lorin were able to meet and talk about the benefits of Lorin products for cutting-edge architectural projects in Latin America and beyond. The time was short but more than sufficient for Lorin to provide an introduction to our unique material – and to gain the interest of many of the architects in attendance.

At Lorin, we understand that our greatest goal is not to outsell some competition, since we are the innovators and industry leaders in producing coil anodized aluminum, but rather to raise awareness for this superior material and its myriad benefits compared to other options like paint or other natural metals such as bronze, copper, zinc, stainless steel, titanium, brass, or gold. At our Arc Latin America meetings, we told the architects with whom we met that our goal was to have them fall in love with our material. Meeting with some of the most creative, trend-conscious, and innovative architects of the Latin American region, we weren’t surprised to achieve this goal.

Our experts then answered architects’ questions, added to the knowledge they already had about anodized aluminum, and dispelled some common myths. In particular, Lorin’s experts spoke with these leading architects about aesthetic trends around the world, as well as how Lorin’s coil anodized aluminum products can be used to meet those trends – like how Lorin’s Zinc and Copper series can match these natural metal looks while offering superior performance and durability for a better ROI.

Having seen what a success these meetings at Arc Latin America 2018 were, we’re certain you should be on the lookout for Lorin coil anodized aluminum in architectural interior and exterior projects in Latin America before too long.