Lorin Industries Turns 75: Dedicated Employees are Key to Success

By Park Kersman, CEO and President of Lorin Industries, Inc.

2018 marks 75 years of growth and innovation for Lorin Industries, Inc. We are proud of achieving this significant milestone and want to thank all of our loyal customers who have helped us make it happen. Most importantly, we want to thank our dedicated employees for all of their great work for Lorin over the years. The employees of long ago established our place in the industry, and our employees now have continued to work hard together to keep our success going. Lori Barringer, Director of Human Resources, recently spoke with Lorin employees about their role at the company and their thoughts on Lorin’s culture.

Ethical and Employee-Centric

Skip, purchasing manager at Lorin spoke with Lori about his experience working for the company. Skip is an old hand at Lorin, having worked at the company for about 24 years. As purchasing manager, Skip oversees the purchase of all items needed to support production at Lorin. Skip expressed how proud he is to work at Lorin, as he feels that above all, Lorin is a highly ethical organization that truly appreciates its employees.

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Lorin as a Family

Autumn is an inside sales representative at Lorin. She works with customers and internally provides pricing strategy, lead times, product details, and more. Autumn told Lori that to her, Lorin has been like a family from her first day on the job, and that she feels when she goes into work every day, she is rejoining a team that she knows values her voice and will always have her back.

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A Small Company with a Big Heart

Lori also spoke with Maisie, a customer care representative at Lorin. Maisie is responsible for auditing orders after they are entered and making sure that customers have a positive experience. Maisie talked with Lori about how her favorite part of working for Lorin is its small company atmosphere and how it is full of helpful, welcoming individuals.

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The People Make it Great

For the last interview, we reversed roles, and Steven Soderberg, corporate marketing manager at Lorin Industries, interviewed Lori Barringer. Lori is a Lorin veteran and has worked at Lorin for 29 years. As the director of human resources, Lori manages payroll, benefits, and employee relations. She also sits on the executive team and provides strategic direction for Lorin. Over the years, Lori has felt that the best part of working at Lorin is the people. Lori considers Lorin a family of committed individuals who all care deeply about the organization.

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We owe our success and reaching 75 years of innovation and growth to our employees and the culture they have built. As we continue to grow as a company together, we are excited about the challenges and opportunities that the future holds.