ATAS Stocks Lorin’s Anodized Aluminum

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin Industries, Inc. is expanding its partnership with ATAS International, a leading, innovative manufacturer of metal walls, metal roof systems, accessories, and more. ATAS is now stocking more colors of Lorin’s renowned and resilient Architecture Class II anodized aluminum in a range of striking finishes, including ClearMatt®, BlackMatt, and ColorIn® LA Extra Dark Bronze. With this partnership, Lorin and ATAS bring over 100 years of combined industry experience to empower customers to fully realize their architectural vision.

With a focus on crafting innovative metal products, ATAS requires superior aluminum to meet its high standards of manufacturing. This makes Lorin the ideal partner for ATAS, as Lorin’s anodized aluminum is not only beautiful, but also supremely durable with a surface hardness comparable to sapphire and a corrosion resistance that makes the metal impervious to salt and air. ATAS also consistently chooses to adopt sustainable products and practices, which makes the environmental benefits of Lorin’s anodized aluminum especially appealing. Lorin leverages a unique coil anodizing process to form an anodic layer over aluminum that is bonded to the surface at the molecular level. This anodic layer shields the underlying aluminum from the elements. Anodized aluminum also does not chip, flake, peel, or corrode. ATAS incorporates Lorin’s distinguished metal into several of its select panel products, including ceilings, interior and exterior wall cladding, and  roofing panel systems. This means that ATAS customers will continue to experience the innovative craftsmanship of ATAS while enjoying the durability and beauty of Lorin anodized aluminum, empowering ATAS customers to take their next project to new heights.

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