Coil Anodized Aluminum Achieves Durable, Elegant, and Consistent Appearance

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

From the Ito tower in Amsterdam to Louisiana’s Superdome, coil anodized aluminum has been featured in award-winning and iconic architectural projects around the globe. With a pencil hardness score comparable to sapphire, and corrosion resistance that leaves the metal unaffected by salt and air, coil anodized aluminum provides durable beauty that cuts maintenance costs while providing added environmental benefits.

Coil anodized aluminum allows the metal’s natural beauty to shine through the clear, translucent oxide layer, achieving an authentic look that brings out the rich metallic appearance of aluminum. This translucent oxide layer of anodized aluminum is a crystalline structure that reflects and refracts light in a fashion that enlivens its color and allows its appearance to change alongside shifting light conditions.

Not only is the metal inherently corrosion resistant, but it creates vivid colors that do not chip, flake or peel, providing a long-lasting solution. The anodized aluminum retains its color, reflectivity and gloss for decades when UV-stable colors are used. Several colors can last upwards of 30 to 40 years.

A myth persists that anodized aluminum is offered in a limited set of colors, but anodized aluminum can actually come in myriad shades. It can be created to match the bespoke colors of specific requirements, such as individual brands, and it can also match the natural metal look of many metals, such as zinc, steel, titanium, copper, gold, brass and bronze.

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