Lorin Develops Sleek Anodized Aluminum Universal Floor and Counter Stands for Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

By Park Kersman, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin Industries, Inc. just released a series of new universal sleek and modern counter and floor stands for hand sanitizer dispensers made with our signature anodized aluminum. As businesses look to reopen after COVID-19 related lockdowns, these hand sanitizer stands are proving essential as a way to store and promote the use of hand sanitizer in an effective and aesthetically-pleasing way.

Available in multiple configurations, these hand sanitizer floor dispenser stands can help facilities to reduce the spread of germs, keep the environment clean, and maintain employee and customer health and safety, all while incorporating stylish design elements.

There are three configurations available for lightweight, portable, and stable commercial countertop hand sanitizer dispenser stands: the curvilinear, angular, and rectilinear designs all bring a modern, stylish touch to installing touchless hand sanitizer dispensers into facilities. Easier to install and maintain than wall-mounted options, the countertop hand dispenser stands are constructed from anodized aluminum, which can help to minimize surface pathogen collection.

Additionally, the fourth configuration is Lorin’s universal hand sanitizer dispenser floor stand which is ideal for high traffic areas like: lobbies, schools, churches, gyms, offices, factories, malls, and more. The rectilinear hand sanitizer floor stand design is also lightweight, portable, stable, and easy to clean. The stand is compatible with most available hand sanitizer dispensers, and is easy to assemble.

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