Weathered Materials Surge in Popularity

By Steven Soderberg, Corporate Marketing Manager, Lorin Industries, Inc.

More and more recently, architects, interior designers, and homeowners have been seeking out weathered material for incorporation into interior and exterior building design. These weathered materials – rusted iron, patinaed copper, and aged ‘barn’ wood, for example – can add beautiful, unique details to home and commercial building designs and really make them stand out from the pack.

As this trend has gained in popularity, more and more companies are working to meet the demand for weathered products. The difficulty, of course, is that the vast majority of these weathered products have become that way through either prolonged or expedited natural processes of being exposed to the elements like sun, wind, and water. The beautiful old barn wood, though quite costly to acquire, might be quite brittle as well; the structural properties of weathered metals are necessarily undermined by the very same exposure that gives them their beautiful patina.

Lorin’s Antique Coppers, Copper Penny, AnoZinc® Collection, and Black Stainless anodized aluminum products are ideal for architectural use; these products offer the weathered look that is so popular, but have the same remarkable durability and strength that sets Lorin metals apart. What’s more, the anodized aluminum will never fade or change, regardless of exposure, thanks to Lorin’s innovative and proprietary anodizing technology.

As with all of the breathtaking materials in the weathered design trend, check out Lorin’s Antique Coppers, Copper Penny, AnoZinc® Collection, or Black Stainless, all of which are well suited to rustic or modern designs, whether paired with stonework and wood or glass and other metals.

For what project would you install the weathered look? What weathered designs would you want to see in a more durable form?