Lorin Supplies Unique Anodized Aluminum Panels for CapitaMall LuOne Shopping Complex in Shanghai

Façade features living wall that moves gracefully in the wind

Muskegon, MILorin Industries, Inc., the global industry leader in the innovation and production of coil
anodized aluminum, announces that it supplied the anodized aluminum for the unique shining silver-
toned exterior panels for the CapitaMall LuOne shopping complex, located in Shanghai, China. Designed
by famed international architect Moshe Safdie, the CapitaMall LuOne’s façade includes a living wall with
exterior curtain wall “flappers” made from Custom ClearBrite® and Custom Silver White anodized
aluminum provided by Lorin, which move gracefully in the wind.

The 140,000 square meter eight-story shopping mall features two stories underground and 6 stories
above ground. With more than 200 retail spaces, dozens of restaurants, a supermarket, and a cinema,
the new landmark development is directly connected to two subway lines.

The innovative living wall design features 160- x 180-millimeter rectangular panels that are attached to spindles, which are affixed to the wall, allowing them to move with the wind. To achieve the architect’s living wall vision, Lorin’s application experts developed a customized composition for the panels’ anodic layer that balances durability, corrosion resistance, and weatherability with the need to turn easily and smoothly on the spindles.

Working closely with Shenzhen Bond Industry Co. Ltd., Lorin’s China distributor and partner, the team
prepared several mockups, including a 10-foot by 200-foot section on the side of the building used by
the architect to test the panels’ appearance and performance. After being selected from among several
bidders, Lorin and Shenzhen Bond worked with a fabricator who developed the technology to design
and fabricate the more than 180,000 panels and, with a local curtain wall installer, installed these on the
building, accomplishing it all in only four months. They also developed different finishes to accommodate reflectivity needs of local residents.

“The architect appreciated the consultation and material selection advice Lorin and Shenzhen Bond
provided, which helped them meet their creative vision for the design of this signature building,” said
Edward Chen, President and General Manager of Shenzhen Bond. “With the panels made from Custom
ClearBrite® and Custom Silver White Lorin anodized aluminum, the architect achieved the silvery beauty
of stainless steel with a material that is lighter, wears better, and can ripple in even the lightest winds.”
For more information on Lorin anodized aluminum products and how Lorin can bring even the most
challenging projects to life, visit www.lorin.com.

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