Creating a Variety of Metal Looks While Retaining Benefits of Anodized Aluminum

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin can create the look of other metals with its unique coil-anodizing process, all while retaining the incredible benefits of anodized aluminum.

How do we do it? Simple. (Actually, it’s not simple but at least the explanation is.) When the aluminum oxide layer is grown from the base aluminum during the coil anodizing process, the crystalline structure of the anodic layer has pores into which we can introduce UV stable inorganic dyes, or metal fines. Afterward, the pores are sealed to lock in the color, resulting in a unique rich three-dimensional look.

We use this process to produce a variety of metal looks, including copper, brass, stainless steel, bronze, zinc, muntz, and more. And what makes it even more special is that the colored anodized aluminum provides many benefits over the actual metals whose appearance it surpasses!

Lorin metal looks are long-lasting, protected by the durable anodic layer. The appearance of the Lorin metal is maintained without the negative impacts of weathering or patina, which happens inconsistently and can cause run-down streaks that require additional costly maintenance to remove from surrounding surfaces.

The Lorin metal look reduces the weight of the material as compared to other metals, which lowers transportation fuel costs. Also, architects get increased square feet of coverage with fewer pounds and a less costly supporting structure. In manufacturing, the aluminum oxide layer acts almost like a lubricating agent, increasing production efficiency and enabling users to spend less money on cleaning and other maintenance.

These rich metal looks have applications in many industries. For example, they can be used in architectural, transportation, appliance, and specialty markets, including food service, furniture, electronics, signage, and more.

To learn more about the benefits of anodized aluminum and the ability to create great-looking re-creations of other natural metal products without the weight, production hassle, and maintenance troubles, watch our vodcast below.