Aluminum vines

Perforated Aluminum for Architectural and Construction Applications

Phil Pearce, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Lorin Industries, recently offered insights into the benefits of perforated aluminum products, such as those produced by Lorin, for architectural and construction applications. Take a look at this vodcast to learn about the range of uses of perforated aluminum. Also, hear about what Lorin has done to […]

Lorin rust panels

Weathered Trend in Architecture and Construction

Steven Soderberg, Corporate Marketing Manager at Lorin Industries, recently spoke about a new trend in the architectural and construction industries: the use of weathered materials in rustic and contemporary building design. Take a look at this vodcast for insight into the potential pitfalls of using certain metals after they have undergone the weathering process, and […]

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Anodized Aluminum: The Durable and Beautiful Choice for Architectural Applications

By Steven F. Soderberg, Corporate Marketing & Sales Manager In our latest vodcast, Kevin Darcy, Manager of New Product Development at Lorin Industries, Inc., discusses how anodized aluminum can aid in quality control for architectural applications. In the interview, Kevin highlights the strength, durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact of anodized aluminum. Here are a few […]

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Unique Properties Make Anodized Aluminum Well Suited for Consumer Appliances

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc. There are many reasons why anodized aluminum is particularly well-suited for consumer appliance applications. Here are what I consider the top four features of anodized aluminum that make them such a good choice for appliances: • Protective anodic layer• Unique aesthetic qualities• No plastic feel• A dielectric layer – […]