Lorin Website Navigation Updated for Improved Customer Search Experiences

By Phil Pearce, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin’s website was recently updated to streamline how to search for information about product finishes and services for customers. The website redesign is better organized and easier to navigate, and provides website users with a better user experience when accessing vital information about aluminum anodizing processes and benefits, Lorin’s additional services, and industry applications.

“At Lorin, we want to provide customers with all of the information they need to make informed choices about incorporating flexible, durable, and beautiful anodized aluminum into their products,” said Steven Soderberg, Corporate Marketing Manager at Lorin Industries. “This website redesign improves the user experience to help them find information about Lorin as an industry leader and about our wide range of services and finishes.”

The website’s new section “Who We Are” now includes information from the prior design’s “About Us” section, but has been updated to include a Corporate Message, Gallery, Timeline, and Resources. Warranty information has been added into the Resources heading. Additionally, the “About Anodizing/Services” menu now includes information about anodizing processes and benefits, as well as listing the Anodized Finishes and Metal Finishes available. It also includes descriptions of the many services Lorin offers customers, including sheeting, tolling, coil slitting, packaging, and shearing. Finally, the new “Anodized Finishes/Products” section includes descriptions of all available finishes.