Lorin YouTube Channel Features Engaging and Educational Anodized Aluminum Videos

By Phil Pearce, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin is pleased to highlight its YouTube channel, which features educational and engaging videos about anodized aluminum products, technology, applications, and more.

“Lorin is not just an industry leader for high-quality anodized aluminum technology. We’re also dedicated to providing valuable education to the market about how anodizing protects and adds beauty to aluminum products, what applications see the greatest benefits from anodized aluminum, and how different products can serve different needs,” said Steven Soderberg, Corporate Marketing Manager, at Lorin Industries. “This YouTube channel serves those educational purposes. Videos help to make the technology and products come alive.”

The video offerings, which are added to regularly, currently include information about Lorin’s unique AnoGrip® and Adhere® products for transportation applications, as well as perforated aluminum products for construction and architectural projects. Other videos include a highlight of the trend for weathered-looking materials, a project case study, and a video about Lorin as a company.