Lorin’s AnoGrip® Anodized Aluminum Saving Costs and Improving Adhesion Performance

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

AnoGrip® anodized aluminum from Lorin accepts all types of adhesives without the need for primer or pre-treatment. This finish is ideal for all manufacturing applications where adhesion or lamination come into play.

Through a special anodized process, AnoGrip® creates an adhesion-promoting surface on both sides of the aluminum sheet. The chemical process, refined by Lorin, increases the surface area allowing stronger bonds to be created with an adhesive between the aluminum and other materials to help prevent delamination. T-Peel test results for AnoGrip® far exceed other priming methods such as scuffing the aluminum, grit blast, or chromate conversion coating.

The bondable surface created by AnoGrip® Type 4 accepts many substrates such as resin soaked papers, MDG board, MDF, Plywood, PVC, and many other bonding substrates. AnoGrip® Type 5 also accepts many substrates in addition to paint.

AnoGrip’s ability to accept all types of adhesives precludes the need to apply a primer coat or the need to treat the surface with Hexavalent Chrome, a known carcinogen, saving manufacturers time and money and increasing safety and sustainability. The superior adhesion also means that manufacturers can potentially use less of their costly adhesives, with better results in terms of preventing delamination. This saves manufacturers on manufacturing costs as well as warranty claims and also saves their customers on down time for repairs.