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What is Anodized Aluminum?

What is Anodized Aluminum? Anodized aluminum is aluminum that has been treated to develop an exceptionally durable finish. To create anodized aluminum, you use an electrochemical process where the metal is immersed in a series of tanks, wherein one of the...

Coil Anodized Aluminum Myths: Durability

Busting myths about coil anodized aluminum Engineers, architects, and designers need to rely on materials that last, but the true durability of coil anodized aluminum can be obscured by misconceptions. This blog is part of a series addressing those myths...

Lorin Industries Featured on The Welsh Wire Podcast

Lorin’s 75th Anniversary, Commitment to Industry, and Community Sustainability Discussed on The Welsh Wire By Park Kersman and Phil Pearce We recently spoke to Sheri Walsh from the Welsh Wire Podcast about our 75th anniversary, and about our continued...


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