What We Do

Simply put, Lorin Industries offers unmatched expertise in anodizing aluminum, providing architects, designers, and manufacturers an incredible array of ways in which to make more things more beautiful! 

The Beauty of the Process

The anodizing process itself strengthens aluminum into an amazingly durable, versatile and superior building material, with looks that not only won’t chip, flake or peel, but can’t – since the finish is an integral part of the surface itself.

Lorin Industries has taken those technical advantages and made them more beautiful than ever with an almost unlimited variety of finishes. You’ll find not only the most arresting gold and silver finishes, but other attractive options including the look of other metals like copper, brass, and stainless steel, and a pallet of colors that would please an artist.

This combination of superior functional performance and stunning beauty gives anodized aluminum an almost endless list of uses. It can be fabricated into a multitude of shapes and applications, from large exterior and interior surface panels to the most intricate components and decorative products.

How We Do It

Lorin Industries has taken the coil anodizing process to a new level of sophistication and capability. It makes anodized aluminum an ideal and affordable choice for a multitude of applications, and Lorin’s unique quality control procedures ensure that whatever you select from the beautiful finishes available, you can count on a consistent look and a high-performance surface for many, many years.

Lorin’s value-added services include slitting and cut-to-length sheet capabilities to make anodized aluminum simple to specify and easy to work with through the manufacturing or installation process as needed. With custom color matching, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind color developed uniquely for your project, or simply be sure of a consistent look for that project across the job and throughout the years.

Make sure to learn about Lorin’s other services, as well. All are designed to bring the many benefits of anodized aluminum to you in as helpful and versatile a way as possible.