Lorin and Laminators Develop Panels for Wren Apartment Complex

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin Industries, Inc., partnered with Laminators Incorporated to develop anodized aluminum panels for the chic Wren apartment complex in one of the most central, vibrant areas of downtown Los Angeles. 

The project required a strong, durable, and sleek look for the exterior walls of this modern apartment complex at the heart of a city renowned for its architectural innovations. This vision was brought to life with Omega-Lite® aluminum composite panels featuring a clear, matte, and brushed finish that brings a clean, metallic surface to the outer walls of the Wren. To accomplish this, Laminators partnered with Lorin to craft these panels with Lorin’s Natural Series ClearMatt® anodized aluminum, achieving a look and feel that truly fits the urban landscape of the 21st century. 

Composed of a polypropylene, corrugated core sandwiched between two finished aluminum sheets, Laminators’ Omega-Lite® ACM panels create a stunning finish when combined with Lorin’s anodized aluminum

Featured on iconic buildings such as the US Olympic Paralympic Museum and the Taystee Lab Building in New York City, Lorin’s ClearMatt® merges high performance with superior aesthetics. Lorin’s anodized aluminum provides a unique three-dimensional look and also meets standards established for high performance anodic finishes by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). ClearMatt® features a translucent protective layer that protects the metal while allowing it to continue to reflect and refract light in a way that helps the building come alive. Together Lorin’s ClearMatt® and Laminators’ Omega-Lite® panels create a product fit for forward-looking architectural projects.

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