For over Eighty years, Lorin industries has been providing comprehensive metal services.

At Lorin we offer a comprehensive range of metal services to meet your needs. Whether you need coil slitting, metal supply, logistics, sheering, or leveling, we have you covered. We are equipped with the latest technology and highly trained staff to ensure that your metal services are completed to the highest quality and with the most efficient turnaround time.

Coil Slitting

At Lorin, we are experts in precision coil slitting, catering to the unique requirements of diverse industries. Our skilled slitting team utilizes cutting-edge equipment to accurately and swiftly cut coils of various sizes and shapes. Whether it's aluminum or steel, we have the capabilities to meet your needs. Our custom slit coil widths span from 0.75"/19 mm to 56"/1422 mm, and we can deliver finished products in any desired length. Our streamlined process ensures maximum coil efficiency and optimal yield with minimal waste, enabling us to offer rapid turnaround times and cost-effective solutions.

Aluminum Supply

Lorin is a leading provider of high-quality aluminum coils and sheets for various industries. Our Anodized Quality (AQ) aluminum delivers superior strength, durability, and quality. With our fast and reliable delivery, you can have peace of mind knowing that your order will arrive promptly and in excellent condition. Trust Lorin for your aluminum coil and sheet needs.


The Lorin team is dedicated to providing efficient, cost-effective solutions to meet all of your aluminum transportation and logistics needs. Whether you need to transport raw materials or finished products, we have the resources and expertise to ensure your shipment arrives safely, undamaged, and on time. We specialize in large-scale aluminum logistics, offering an array of solutions to meet your specific requirements. With our global network of transportation and logistics partners, we can deliver your shipment anywhere in the world.

Sheet Leveling

Lorin Industries takes immense pride in providing exceptional sheet leveling services for both aluminum and steel. With the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques, we guarantee superior results with each and every project. No matter what your project needs, you can count on Lorin Industries to deliver the highest quality results.


Lorin's comprehensive packaging services include skid, shrink wrap and custom crate solutions designed by our packaging experts for a variety of aluminum sizes and destinations. We provide customized packaging and specialized sheet stock skids that ensures your entire package is protected. With Lorin, you can rest assured that all materials will be delivered safely and on time.

Lorin perforated pattern 121


Lorin perforating provides interesting visual effects, excellent ventilation, drainage capabilities, and sun shade options, all while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Lorin pebbletone embossing example


Lorin embossed aluminum offers a distinct and captivating texture that adds an extra dimension to metal surfaces, enhancing both their style and functionality.

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