Anodized Aluminum vs Painted Aluminum: Coastal Applications and Warranties Video

Welcome to Video # 2 in Lorin’s series to help you understand the advantages of coil anodized aluminum provided by Lorin Industries, contrasted with some of the myths you may have heard. This video addresses concerns about the durability of coil anodized aluminum, including its use in coastal environments, as well as Lorin’s warranty.

Myth 3 - Anodized aluminum cannot be used near the coast

The sapphire hardness of aluminum oxide protects and preserves the aluminum surface from corrosion in harsh weather environments, including coastal areas. Salt spray is ph neutral, so it has little impact on the anodic layer, and the anodic layer’s hardness helps keep the aluminum beneath from being damaged. This is why anodized aluminum is often used for marine parts.

Paint can be affected by weather and closeness to the coast. Paint manufacturers charge extra for a warranty for material used near the coast, without changing the formulation of their product. Lorin has no need to change our process for use in coastal areas - as long as you specify either an architectural Class 1 or 2 anodic layer, you can get the same warranty at no charge.

Fact 3: Anodized aluminum is a superior product for use in coastal applications

Myth 4 - Anodized aluminum does not have a strong warranty

Lorin provides a minimum 20-year surface warranty that states the material will not chip, flake, or peel. Most UV stable colors available from Lorin also offer a 20-year color fade warranty.

Fact 4: Lorin Anodized Aluminum has a strong architectural warranty with no restrictions for coastal applications

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