Anodized Aluminum vs Painted Aluminum: Colors and Finishes

Welcome to Video # 3 in Lorin’s series to help you understand the advantages of coil anodized aluminum provided by Lorin Industries, contrasted with some of the myths you may have heard. This video addresses myths concerning color consistency and color availability with anodized aluminum.

Myth 5 - Color consistency cannot be achieved with anodized aluminum

This myth is true if the pieces are being produced by batch anodizing, where individual pieces or panels are lowered into each part of the process. Inconsistencies in look and color are created because the top of each piece spends less time than the bottom in each part of the process.

With Lorin’s continuous coil process, every square inch or millimeter of the entire coil spends the same amount of time in each part of the process. This allows Lorin to create an unmatched level of consistency, assuring that the colors and finishes look the same throughout all of the coils produced. Lorin carefully controls, measures, and records the color so it can be repeated on subsequent orders.

Fact 5: Lorin achieves excellent color consistency with its Continuous Coil Anodizing process

Myth 6 - Anodized aluminum only comes in bronze and clear/natural for exterior finishes

Lorin has the ability to create custom colors, as well as match almost any color that can be imagined, especially for interior finishes.

Lorin offers a wide variety of UV stable colors that can mirror or match natural metal looks, including stainless steel, brass, gold, zinc, pewter, bronze, copper, and muntz. Some of these metal looks are also available in pre-patina or antique versions.

While paint can offer many colors, like any organic coating, it will fade because it is simply an applied coating, using pigments or dyes that have limited life in terms of color-fastness due to UV rays breaking down the chemicals within the coating.

Fact 6: Lorin offers a vast array of colors with an added ability to custom color match

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