Anodized Aluminum vs Painted Aluminum: Important Attributes

Welcome to Video # 6 in Lorin’s series to help you understand the advantages of coil anodized aluminum provided by Lorin Industries, contrasted with some of the myths you may have heard. This video sums up some of the most important attributes and benefits of anodized aluminum.

Perhaps the most important attribute of anodized aluminum is its beauty.

The anodic layer of aluminum oxide is a translucent crystalline structure that enhances the natural metallic beauty of the aluminum beneath. This three dimensional sapphire crystalline structure reflects and refracts light in unique ways helping the material come alive in a way that paint cannot match.

Paint, as a coating applied to metal, is more one dimensional and flat in appearance. It simply cannot reproduce the natural metallic look of real aluminum. Conversely, paint covers up the natural metal below.

Painted aluminum is not metallic to the touch, and cannot be distinguished from any other painted material, resulting in a lack of natural metal feel and visual effect.

From an ROI perspective, Anodized aluminum has many notable benefits.

When each surface is viewed under an electron microscope, you can see how sloppy the surface of paint appears compared to anodized. The smoother surface of anodized helps it stay cleaner over time because dirt, dust and other pollutant materials cannot get trapped on its surface to the same extent as paint. Unlike the dielectric surface of anodized aluminum, paint does nothing to inhibit the natural static electricity build up on the surface of metals. This can increase the attraction of dust and dirt particles, as well as shock those who touch the surface. In fact, typical paint warranties for architectural building products require a cleaning of the panels on the building every year. Lorin anodized aluminum warranties recommend cleaning only every other year. This provides significant savings on cleaning costs over the life of the building.

A well known consumer products company uses anodized aluminum on all their consumer products with an intent to convey quality, durability, authentic truth in materials, and an overall high aesthetic look.

If you want a material this is very durable, offers a natural metal look, is available in many colors and finishes, is environmentally responsible, can be formed into many shapes or parts, offers a great ROI, and is truly beautiful in unique ways that paint and other coatings cannot match, then Lorin’ anodized aluminum is a product that you need to try. We would love to help you REFLECT YOUR VISION, and your signature result, with ease.

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