Anodized Aluminum vs Painted Aluminum: Cost and Crazing Video

Welcome to Video # 4 in Lorin’s series to help you understand the advantages of coil anodized aluminum provided by Lorin Industries, contrasted with some of the myths you may have heard. This video explains how pre-anodized aluminum can be produced or formed successfully, as well as how anodized aluminum is cost effective relative to other material choices.

Myth 7 - Formed parts must be batch anodized otherwise there will be unacceptable crazing on the parts

Any material that is bent or stretched will have micro-fractures along the bend, also known as crazing, because nothing is infinitely flexible, including paint. Crazing occurs because the outer side of the bend is stretched more than the inner side, and appears as a frosted effect. While a bent anodized surface may exhibit visible crazing, it is often naturally obscured because of the way light reflects off a bend to create a brighter, frosted type effect. In the hands of a skilled former, bent anodized parts can be made to look great.

Fact 7: Coil Anodized aluminum from Lorin can be formed successfully and look great

Myth 8 - Anodized aluminum is very expensive

The cost of clear anodized, per square foot or meter, is comparable to a high quality PVDF paint. For a true bronze, copper, or zinc look, anodized aluminum may be a little more expensive than paint, but it does not appear flat like paint, and is much more affordable than the natural metals it is replacing.

Fact 8: Anodized aluminum can be cost effective compared to other material choices

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