Lorin’s Anodized Aluminum Empowers Isaiah Industries to Craft Oxford Shingle

By Steven Soderberg, Lorin Industries, Inc.

Lorin Industries, Inc. announces that its anodized aluminum is the foundation of Isaiah Industries’ (aka Classic Metal Roofing) award-winning Oxford Shingle. This partnership highlights the value of anodized aluminum in roofing applications, where the unique metal enables long-lasting and aesthetically superior solutions.

Isaiah Industries’ Oxford Shingle is the first widely-available and promoted anodized roofing product. Isaiah Industries trusts Lorin as a partner for this product because Lorin’s anodized aluminum is the finish of choice for everything from spacecraft to computer parts. Resilient and durable, with a clean contemporary look, anodized aluminum provides the perfect metal for roofing applications, which must withstand the wear and tear of weather while maintaining peak appearance. Hidden fasteners and a timeless finish further enhance this roofing solution’s sleek, modern feel. 

In this unique roofing product, a four-way interlocking design combines with the anodized finish to achieve superior performance. The solution is also highly sustainable, as each lightweight panel is crafted from 100% recyclable material. The product is also available in a variety of colors and textures, including ColorIn® BlackMatt, ColorIn® Medium Bronze, ColorIn® Subtle Light Bronze, ClearMatt®, GoldMatt®, Copper Penny, and more. 

Lorin is proud to announce that Isaiah Industries’ Oxford Shingle won the 2023 MetalCon Top Products Award in the ROOFS category. The award was presented at MetalCon at 12:30 pm Las Vegas time on Friday, Oct. 20. Lorin looks forward to continuing to empower its partners with leading anodized aluminum across roofing and other applications to help craft durable and beautiful solutions. 

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